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Download WinCddbM installation file

Using the WinCddbM Utility you can

  • play existing music-files on CDs,
  • save them into WAV-files, play WAV-files,
  • convert WAV-files into MP3-files, play MP3-files,
  • edit existing directories containing WAV-files and MP3-files,
  • store the names of CDs and names of music-files into a local database,
  • and search the local database for CDs and music-files.

During creation of WAV-files from music-CDs information about the CD and the individual music-tracks can be read from an existing database contained in the internet and can be setup into the filename of the WAV-files.

Existing programs for burning CDs can use this information to enrich the newly burned CD with a table of contents.

Restrictions for using this software are shown in the Disclaimer. Especially WAV-files can not be converted into MP3-files, because a special licence for creation of MP3-files is necessary.

Download WinCddbM help file (english)
Download WinPlayerM installation file

Using the WinPlayerM Utility you can

  • play existing music-files,
  • display the contents of existing playlists,
  • play the therein included music-files,
  • create new playlists,
  • turn on repeating the playing,
  • select random music-file for next playing,
  • select music-files created with the WinCddbM utility and add them to WinPlayerM.

WinPlayerM is contained in the installation-file of WinCddbM and is installed together with this program.

WinPlayerM tries to play not only audio files but also video files.

Download WinPlayerM help file (english)
Download WinFormM installation file

Using the WinFormM Utility you can

  • fill information electronically into existing Forms in various image formats,
  • and printout the filled in Form or save them for subsequent processing.
  • as well as gather various image-files and store them into one single TIFF-file

Forms are contained in various image formats. WinFormM is able to read and display various image formats, which can be filled in by WinFormM. Additional formats such as .pdf may be used and the old .pcx format.

If a Form is existent as paper, then you are able to scan it via WinFormM and save it into various image formats. Then you can fill in information via WinFormM.

After filling the Form, you can print it or save it in the prepared-for-printing kind.

WinFormM can also be used to gather various images into one file. The TIFF-file format allows several frames in it, each consisting of one image. WinFormM has a thumbnail-view of images, which can be used to select individual images for storing a TIFF-file format as Black-and-White or Color-Images.

Download WinFormM help file (english)
Download WinFileM installation file

Using the WinFileM Utility you can

  • view the contents of two directories in two side by side windows,
    • in doing so view differences between files and directories,
    • detect additional files in one of the directories,
    • detect missing files in one of the directories,
    • identify larger resp. smaller files in one of the directories,
    • identify newer resp. older files in one of the directories,
    • identify equal resp. not equal files in the directories,
    • select corresponding files/directories,
    • and establish synchronicity between different directories
  • execute functions similar to those of the Windows Explorer,
  • apply Explorer functions to several files and/or directories,
  • encrypt or decrypt files,
  • zip files and/or directories into one zip-archive,
  • unzip existing zip-archives,
  • browse individual files,
  • display differences between two files, ...

Download WinFileM help file (english)